Choreography Worksheet

Choreography Worksheet

8 April 2020 0


An easy and ready to use, free, downloadable worksheet you can use to streamline your data regarding your choreograpies.


Here you can download a basic and simple to use worksheet to use with your choreographies. And it is completely free!

At topic, insert the theme, name of the show and your music choice.

At suggested title, add your work title and maybe another suggestion you can choose from later on in the process.

At plot or pattern, write down what your choreography depicts and what floorpattern to use.

At setting, add which choreography comes before and after this choreography. Also write down if there are props to use. Maybe you use a table on stage?

At main conflicts you write down any problems you foresee, so you can work on solving them. Maybe a quick change of costume for a dancer is a problem?

At suggested dancers, you write down your cast. This is also open for changes during your process. People can get sick or get an injury.

Lastly, write down de date and your name and dance section.

This worksheet is a paper were dance teacher/choreographer and director can interchange information and see how far the process is.


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