CoolibriDance has a new, fantastic promo-video.

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CoolibriDance has a new, fantastic promo-video.

5 April 2018 Geen categorie 0

As Balletconsultant I work with, for example, CoolibriDance.

CoolibriDance is a dynamic and young ballet- and dance school near Rotterdam/The Hague Airport. With a very own, beautiful, big dance studio, meeting hall and dressing rooms. Everything you need for an inspiring environment. Industrial but creative and cosy. See

However, what I do for and with them? I track their social media channels and put and develop content for them. Sometimes I get ready content from the owner, but more often I make some according to recent events and developments at Coolibri. I do this foremost on Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, I make newsletters and posters for upcoming events. And I am working alongside in the process until the end of the year recitals on June 23th and 24th of this year (2018). On those days I will be operating as stage manager, just like before at the project in Capelle a/d IJssel.

I do this in very close cooperation with Corien Guibal, the founder and owner. Fun work, because Corien is a very outgoing entrepreneur who knows what she wants for her school.

Last week, CoolibriDance’s new promo video was released! A video that really shows the schools core values, vision and mission. And of course, shows the creative and loving atmosphere of the school.

I wanted to share this video with you. I had an advising part and love to hear what you think.

warm regards


Contemporary dance class at Coolibri Dance. Photo taken by BalletConsultant.
One of the photo’s I made for CoolibriDance, during a class contemporary dance.



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