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Fix your lesson plans

Get coaching to improve the quality of your ballet classes. Start by getting your free lesson plan layout right here. Get my free lesson plan layout.
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Get clarity

Streamline your business processes and run your school with confidence and ease.




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A few reasons why balletschool owners should work with me.

Let me help you streamline your business processes.

Get your vision in check.

You will have a very clear vision to work towards, with a whole set of your own values and principles.

Get more happy customers and students.

If you have rest and clarity, that will reflect on your students. When it is clear to customers what you are doing, they will be happy to join your classes and studio.

Get more revenue

When you have your processes in place, all will be much more clear and you will start making more money.

Feel confident about your lesson plans.

Know what you are doing, because we have been through the didactics together.

Stop reacting, start planning.

No more stress and just reacting to situations. You have your plans worked out for you and ready to go.

Save time

You have more time to spent with your family and friends.

Contact me. It will only take a minute

Advice for setting up and running your studio.

Starting a studio? Where to start?  Already in business and want to set up systems?

Book a consult

Didactic help for teachers.

Troubles with lesson plans? Doubting your goals and planning? We will go through everything together and make it right.

Book a consult

Ballet coaching for dancers via Teams.

One on one sessions for your ballet technique or mentoring. Let’s do a barre together or focus on a specific movement.

Book a Teams meeting.

Free content on my YouTube Channel

Visit and subscribe to my BalletConsultant YouTube channel for free tutorials, dance alongs and more.

Go to the YouTube channel.
Tool for a ballet teacher

Start by getting my free ballet class lesson plan lay out.

If you are looking to better organize your ballet classes. But you don’t know what lay out to use? Then go ahead and download mine for free. GET STARTED NOW
Ballet book

Layla goes to ballet class

A beautifully illustrated ballet book for kids (4-6 years) and their parents. A story to inform and entertain.

Join Layla as she visits the dance school for the very first time.

And there is this..

For the ones that want more video’s and tutorials about balletclasses, technique and follow along exercises, you can go ahead and go to these platforms. Also check out our unique t-shirt designs.

BalletConsultant YouTube Channel

See into one of my balletclasses, discover what I take with me in my bag as a teacher, follow along training exercises. And more is coming. So, look forward!
 learn more

BalletConsultant on Teachable

My free and short, introduction course ‘So you want to be a ballet teacher ’ is up and running on Teachable. Are you in doubt of becoming a ballet teacher? Let’s discuss the basics.
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This is me.

  • Professional teacher and coach of ballet, Pointe shoe training, Pilates, BodyHarmony and yoga.
  • Author
  • Consultant to ballet teachers and balletschool owners.
Online classes with me.

My weekly online schedule.

Join me online via Teams. Message via WhatsApp to 00 31 6 18 35 25 30 to pay the fee and receive the link. Look in the shop for class fees.


11.00-11.30 hours CET BodyHarmony (stretching, yoga, Pilates) 12.00-12.30 hours CET Floor Barre


11.00-11.45 hours CET Ballet Barre 11.45-12.15 hours CET Pointe shoe training


10.00-10.20 hours CET  Core Training 10.30-11.00 hours CET Ballet Barre 11.30-12.00 hours Stretching


12.00-12.45 hours CET Ballet Barre 12.45-13.15 hours CET Pointe shoe training

International Dance Council, Unesco

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Coming back into the studio is great. But keeping social distance is still advisable. How does this affect our teaching style as a dance teacher? And how do we keep in mind and cater to the different learning styles of our students. Let’s discuss.

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How to set up your goals, excercise sequences and lessonplan.

Don’t know what excercises to choose? It might be a good idea to sit down and write out your lessonplans. Do you have clear long- and short term goals for[…]

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20 May 2020 0

The new normal. What effect has the social distancing of 1.5 meter distance for your dance school?

Edit on June 30th 2020: I am happy to report that the problems I foresaw in this article are not things to worry about anymore. The Dutch government gave out[…]

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