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Setting up a ballet school? Are you owner of a school or a ballet teacher? Do you require help with your classes?

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Get coaching to improve the quality of your ballet classes.  Start by getting your free lesson plan layout right here. Get your free lesson plan layout.
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7 reasons why taking dance classes makes you more creative

In this blogpost I give you a list of 7 reasons why taking up dance classes makes you a more creative person.

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11 June 2019 0

7 tips how NOT to be a great balletteacher.

7 tips on how NOT to be a great balletteachers. A list of annoying things that obviously do not work well, if you want to be a great ballet teacher. Be aware of the things on this list, so you can improve yourself and your teaching style.

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16 May 2019 0

How to pick the right music for a balletclass.

Picking the right music can be a hassle and a time consuming job. But with these five handy tips, you are going to save some time. And find the right[…]

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25 March 2019 0




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Advice for setting up and running your studio.

Starting a studio? Where to start?  Already in business and want to set up systems?

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Didactic help

Troubles with lesson plans? Doubting your goals and planning? We will go through everything together and make it right.

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Production assistance

Assistance in the theatre or a virtual assistant. Assistance with an artistic proces or on the day of your recital.

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Coaching via Skype

Tell us your problem. Setting up a school. A refresher for your ballettechnique or mentoring.

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Who am I?

My name is Anne-Marie Pos and I am a cultural entrepreneur with a teacherdegree in ballet and contemporary dance.  I have been a professional balletdancer and balletteacher for over twenty years now. And I founded my own balletstudio in 2006.  Therefore I experienced a lot and found out everything by trial and error. That way I am the right person to help you out. You don’t have to do this alone.  And you can do it quicker and better with my help.

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International Dance Council, Unesco

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A few reasons why you should work with me.

Let me help you streamline your business processes.

Get your vision in check.

You will have a very clear vision to work to, with a whole set of your own values and principles.

Get more happy customers and students.

If you have rest and clarity, so will your students. It is clear to customers what you are doing, and they will be happy to join.

Get more revenue

When you have your processes in place, all will be much more clear and you will start making money.

Feel confident about your lessonplans.

Know what you are doing, because we have been through the didactics  together.

Stop reacting, start planning.

No more stress and just reacting to situations.  You have your plans worked out for you.

Save time

You have more time to spent with your family and friends.

Contact me. It will only take a minute

Tool for your ballet class

Start by getting my free ballet class lesson plan lay out.

If you are looking to better organise your ballet classes. But you don’t know what lay out to use? Then go ahead and download mine for free. GET STARTED NOW

Take one of my group classes.

In August I will  be teaching in Rotterdam for Artship. Would you like to join or know more? Click the button.

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